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Professional Rosewood Zhongruan -- 專業花梨中阮

Ocean of Music(樂海)

  • $889.00 CAD

  • Size: 92*40.5 cm (標準成人尺寸中阮)
  • Body: Rosewood (花梨木琴身)
  • Sound Board: Premium Lankao Paulownia (高級河南蘭考泡桐音板)
  • Peg: Paulownia wood with six face(原木六辦式弦軸)
  • Frets: Stainless Steel (鋼品)
  • Head: Ox Bone Flower (牛骨花琴頭)
  • Head Design: Fortune comes with blooming flowers (花開富貴頭飾)
  • Side: Shell carving with Flying Apsaras (貝雕鑲飛天圖案側板)
  • Sound Hole: Little bird or full moon shape  (飛鳥狀或圓月音孔)
    • Color: Natural,Glass paint (原木亞光)
    • Accessory: Professional Zhongruan bag, Premium picr, wiper (專業中阮包,高級阮撥片,擦琴布)

    Ideal for players who want to start playing with a higher quality Zhongruan and for those who have mastered the basics. This Zhongruan continues to be very popular among advancing players.


    Made in Selected Naturally Air-dried Paulownia sound box and Premium Rosewood frames, this Zhongruan is inlaid with shells that portrayed a classic Flying Apsaras pattern, along with its Black Buffalo Horn pegs. This Zhongruan highlights a broader range of tonal colors, with rich and rounded sound qualities and also a faster response compared to its beginner model. Whether you are playing mellow and poetic melodies in ensemble, or modern original tracks, This Rosewood Zhongruan is very capable of nurturing your musical expression.







    Ocean of Music

    Ocean of Music is one of the largest music instrument manufacturers in China that has the best brand in many kinds of Chinese traditional music instruments. Its products are specialty items that are coveted by professional musicians and collectors alike.(樂海集團是中國北方第一大樂器製造商,位於北京、河北,前身為北京民族樂器廠)

    This beautiful instrument is custom-designed by Ocean of Music. All the making materials including soundboards, frames, strings and bridges are carefully selected by professionals. All the woods come from north China, where has cold weather and grows the best lumber, solid, stable, with extensive sound, not easy to crack. 



    Performer: Felix Yeung

    The sound hole can be bird or full moon shape. 

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