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IMITATED MAHOGANY GUZHENG -- ‘Rich Penoy’ 仿紅木富貴牡丹古箏--成人考級專用琴

Ocean of Music(樂海)

  • $650.00 CAD

  • Size: 164 x 35cm, full size. (專業全尺寸古箏)
  • String: 21 strings, steel string wraped with wool nylon (21根尼龍包鋼絲弦,德國進口鋼絲)
  • Frame: Imitated Mahogany (仿紅木)
  • Soundboard: paulownia wood (蘭考桐木音板)
  • Bridges: Rose wood (花梨木琴碼)
Accessories included: (包含附件)
  •  Guzheng picks/tuning wrench/fabric wiper/tape (古箏指甲,調音扳手,擦琴布, 膠帶)
  • A set of A shape Guzheng stands (A字型硬木琴架)
  • Soft carrying case (專業琴套)

This beautiful Guzheng is custom-designed by Ocean of Music. All the making materials including soundboards, frames, strings and bridges are carefully selected by professionals. All the woods come from north China, where has cold weather and grows the best lumber, solid, stable, with extensive sound, not easy to crack. 


Ocean of Music is one of the largest music instrument manufacturers in China that has the best brand in many kinds of Chinese traditional music instruments. Its products are specialty items that are coveted by professional musicians and collectors alike.(樂海集團是中國北方第一大樂器製造商,位於北京、河北,前身為北京民族樂器廠)

This guzheng uses black walnut wood, paulownia wood, pine wood as the main materials. All the woods used are top quality and were soaked, and dried to create the best and stable sound. The top and the bottom sound boards are both made by a single piece of paulownia that was specially thickened to enrich the sound and enhance the volume. The frame is made by black walnut wood decorated with Chinese painting “Rich Penoy”. The bridges are made of professional grade rosewood.

In the Chinese culture, penoy is known as rich flower, and the queen of the flowers. It represents perfection, deep feeling, grace and regality. (富貴牡丹圖案,寓意國色天香,花中之王,和平,幸福,繁华,富足)


Imitated mahogany

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