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Scarlet Bird Zhuque Top Performance Guzheng 朱雀特級演奏古箏

Scarlet Bird Zhuque(朱雀)

  • $3,000.00 CAD

  • Model: 09B
  • Size: 164 x 35cm, full size. (專業全尺寸古箏)
  • String: 21 strings, Germnay made steel string wraped with wool nylon (特製朱雀琴弦,德國鋼絲)
  • Frame: Fine one piece paulownia wood (整塊優質蘭考泡桐)
  • Soundboard: Fine one piece paulownia wood (整塊優質蘭考泡桐)
  • Bridges: Black wood with ox horn top (黑檀加牛角琴碼)

Accessories included: (包含附件)

  • Guzheng Picks, Tap,  Tuning wrench (古箏指甲,膠帶,調音扳手)
  • A set of A shape Guzheng stands (A字型硬木琴架)
  • Premium thickened soft carrying case (專業琴套)

Scarlet Bird brand of the Xi'an Conservatory of Music is the most respected brand that follows the traditional ways of making Guzheng. All Guzhengs are purely made by hand.(朱雀秦箏為中國北方最權威的古箏品牌,採用古法純手工製作,是中國挖箏工藝的唯一傳承者).

All the models come with the finest qualities in wood-selections, craftsmanship and sound. They are produced in a very limited quantity each year to ensure the finest quality of each and every instrument.(朱雀秦箏取材考究,須以優質泡桐,經多年露天存放,自然養性,再經特殊處理,使木質纖維發生質變,才能進入複雜的工藝流程,所以朱雀箏每年產量非常有限)

The sound board is made of a full piece of paulownia, which is artificially hollowed out in the middle. It needs a thick paulownia wood, which has been dried for years and has the same size as the Guzheng body. The sound grooves are engraved inside of the body. To ensure the sound wave unimpeded, unlike other guzhengs, there is strut in the Resonance body. And the radian of the board is formatted naturally.(中國唯一保留古法挖箏工藝,即將一塊自然風乾幾年的,和箏體一樣厚的木料,人工挖空,面板內鐫刻細密的音槽,共鳴箱內不設任何支撐物,確保聲波流動暢通)

This beautiful instrument is one of the latest and popular model of Scarlet Bird Zhuque, The surface is processed with perfect piano varnish, decorated with the figure of 'The Carriage'. (朱雀精品系列,收藏級款,鋼琴烤漆,車馬圖案)



唐 白居易『偶於維揚牛公處覓箏』

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