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8 Holes Recital Level Bamboo Xiao Crafted by Dong Xuehua --董雪華製作演奏級8孔紫竹洞簫

Dong Xuehua(董雪華)

  • $150.00 CAD

Purple Bamboo Xiao for recital , pure hand crafted by Chinese Dizi and Xiao master Dong Xuehua.


 Made of more than 5 years old, superior purple bamboo, after naturally air-drying for more than 3 years, made in China Tonglingqiao, which is known as Chinese Dizi's hometown. Natural ox horn on the both ends, jointed with copper-nickel in the middle,  enlaced with black string by hand. One end is engraved with ancient Chinese poetry, the other end is engraved with 'Dong Xuehua' characters. Best material,excellent handcraft, brilliant sound quality. 



Key G, tune higher, sound is more cheerful, most popular and fits beginner.

G調, 調稍高,音色相較之下更為歡快,較為常用,適合初學

Key F,  the distance between the holes are longer, and need more breath to make work.




Performer: Dora Wang(王平)



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