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Professional Rosewood Liuqin -- 專業花梨清水頭花柳琴老紅木

Ocean of Music(樂海)

  • $450.00 CAD

  • Size: 68*24 cm(標準成人柳琴尺寸)
  • Body: Premium Rosewood (優質花梨木琴身)
  • Sound Board: Lankao Paulownia (一級河南蘭考泡桐音板)
  • Frets: Stainless steel, bamboo attached (钢品,竹制底座)
  • Head: Natural Ox Bone (天然牛骨花琴頭)
  • Head Design: Fortune comes with blooming flowers (花開富貴頭飾)
  • Sound Hole: Resin, carving with flower  (樹脂鏤空雕花音孔)
  • Bridge: Bamboo (竹製琴碼)
  • Fine tuner: Copper (銅品微調)
    • Color: Aged red wood color  (老紅木色)
    • Accessory: Black oxford fabric hard case, pick, wiper, manual  (黑色牛津盒,撥片,擦琴布,說明書)


    Made from Selected Rosewood and naturally air-dried Paulownia tonewoods in North China, this Liuqin is built for intermediate players.

    Whether you have mastered the Liuqin basics, are looking for an affordable upgrade or simply want to start learning but want a better sounding instrument than a beginner model, this Liuqin can surely meet your needs by its distinctive, balanced and high-pitched tonal colors. With Black Buffalo Horn pegs, the head of the Liuqin is decorated with a sculpted tree peony.




    Performer: Felix Yeung



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